2006 VW Beetle

2006 VW Beetle questions and answers

Q: How do I attach a license plate to the front of my 2006 VW Beetle?
My state requires front and back license plates and I don't see how a license plate can be attached to the front of my 2006 VW Beetle.

A: if you have a metal bumper, weld it. if you have a plastic bumper, use liquid nails. make sure you scuff up the paint with sandpaper first so that the liquid nails have something to bond to.

Q: How much should an Oil Change cost for a 2006 VW New Beetle Convertible?
I used to own a 2001 New Beetle, I never payed more than $25.00 for an oil change. I recently had my oil changed in my 2006 New Beetle, and it cost me $75.00. Was I taken advantage of or does this price sound correct to anyone else? They told me my car used a "special" oil that would be around $50 or so, then they said I had to have a special oil filter that I'm guess cost around $25.00 Turns out, my special oil is not really that special. Its synthetic castrol. What do you all think??

A: The harsh truth is this is an accurate number for a fully synthetic oil change. Many shops mark up the price of the oil and filters A LOT! On top of that you are paying for labor. Yes you can get them a little cheaper elsewhere but expect to pay around $60-$80 for a full synthetic oil change. BTW even with synthetic dont go more than 7500 miles tops before an oil change, most recommend 3k-5k miles. You can do it yourself for about $35-$40, if you don't want to or can't and go to a shop to have your oil changed, ask them what they include in their oil change that makes it so much. Sometimes they add cleaners that increase the cost but are not neccessary and you can get a lower "package" that would just be oil and filter and labor.

Q: I have a 2006 VW Beetle with 17' wheels. Does anyone know about Hankook Ventus tires?
I am looking for a decent tire (I live in the south...no snow.) that won't be rediculously expensive.

A: If there's no snow invloved, and you want the most grip possible, then go for Toyo Proxes 4, although it's the only Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire in the world with (both claimed and proven) snow traction. It's somehow expensive though. But believe me, it's worth every penny. Proxes 4 doubles (sometimes tripples) your car's traction. I don't break before any turn ever since I bought them, and also I've never heard my ABS/EBD's throb pulse ever since! Michelin Pilot series will soon be out of shape. Their sidewall is made of weak materials. Pirelli is good, but only as an OEM to Ferrari, not to an everyday car. Goodyear is as crap as a Chevy. I bet they've never heard anything about grip and traction. Forget this brand, they're better off selling giant tires to Caterpillar and Boeing. Continental is good, but as good as being an OEM. Bridgestone, oh, they think they're good, but I don't think so, it's not F1, it's street, and Proxes beats the sh*t out of Potenza. Oh, and Potenza's grip in rain in ridiculous. Ventus's grip is low, but better than most Potenzas (which are way worse than what their ads say), and then Potenza and Ventus treads will soon be in a lowered condition due to frequent use. Who buys a car for infrequent use? Jay Kay

Q: Anyone fit a car seat in a new 2006 VW Beetle? Car seats for small cars?
I'm expecting in June and wondering if a car seat will fit inside my VW Beetle. There's no way I can just go out and buy a new car and of coarse this is a must so does anyone know of a good car seat that fits in small cars? Thanks

A: Check carseatdata.org - they have a compatability database. Also car-seat.org has many great techs who can help you.

Q: I am trying to locate a new 2006 diesel VW beetle. Any ideas how I can locate one?

A: Yeah, the classifieds. I found one 2005 diesel Beetle in my area using a local classified online listing service. But I found 57 2006 diesel Beetles on autotrader.com

Q: 2006 VW New Beetle problems?
I purchased my 2006 Beetle about 1 yr ago, brand new. However, it seems like I've been having NOTHING but problems with it. 3 of the 4 original tires on the car blew out within the first 4 months (they were Continentals, which I later found out are notorious for blowouts). The first 2 were taken care of by the tire warranty but Continental wouldn't replace the 3rd (don't know why). The dealership agree to replace the 3rd & 4th tires with another brand if I paid for the other two. So I did that just to get the crappy Continentals off my car.Then my iPod jack (1st time using it) popped back into my dash. My warranty took care of that, it's fixed now. However, NOW the clear coat is peeling off of my front bumper! This was a brand new car when I bought it, I should not be having these problems. I am not hard on my vehicles & I take really good care of them, so I don't know why this is happening! Is anyone else having any problems like these?

A: My wife drives an 06 beetle that we have had problems with too. At 7500 miles the entire front suspension went out and had to be replaced, warranty covered it. The windows stuck all the time and wouldn't go up. This was also fixed. Our Aux jack went back into the dash too. I think this is a poor design. Our paint is fine, no problems with the tires either. We only have 8300 miles on the car now and have had no problems since the suspension. At least we are done with the car next April, the lease is up. Then we are getting a Mini Cooper S. I have a 04 R32 that has 8000 miles on it that I have had no problems with and my everyday car is a 07 Jetta with 5000 miles on it that still hasn't had any problems. I just think the 06 beetles are trouble since they redid the body and the interior a little bit.

Q: 2006+ VW Beetle body kits, engine modifications etc?
when will companys make products for these models if they do send me some links

A: It's true, there are very few products for the new bodystyle. If they can be found, people on this owner's website would know: it's THE New Beetle place. I have a '98 myself, so don't know about specific things available.

Q: 2006 VW beetle won't turn over!?
Not familiar with VW battery. How do you jump or remove for charging? Inside light comes on as well as dash lights but that's it. Help!

A: Owners manual will tell you!!

Q: the most popular ext & int color of 2006 vw beetle?

A: my guess...red..or the pastel colors...interior..probly black/grey

Q: for a 6th grade school project, we're doing a comparison of 1960 VW Beetle vs. 2006 VW Beetle! Help - thanx!

A: Other than the basic shape, they have absolutely nothing in common.

Q: how do i connect ipod to 2006 VW new beetle?
the car has a jack for MP3 connector, but i can't figure out what kind of plug to use, it is a little bigger than the mini phone jack of iPod earphone

A: Check with your local VW dealership - they will likely have the plug for sale in their parts department.

Q: Adding Coolant to 2006 VW New Beetle?
I went to buy coolant for my car and made sure to look in my manual for the specifications of the coolant type. The kind it says to use is VW Coolnat Additive G12 OR coolant with the specification TT-VW 774F Purple in color. They did not have the G12, but they did have a G05 coolant which says it's safe for VWs, on the back of the bottle. It didn't say whether it was "TT-VW 774" or not, but it is purple. Is this safe to use?

A: Go to the dealer and get the correct coolant for the car. It should be red. There is also the safe to use with any kind antifreeze at the store. If you go to the dealer, they will most likely top it off for you for free.

Q: 2006 VW New Beetle Airbag problems?
The airbag light came on and the passenger airbag light is now showing 'off' when a passenger is in the car. My VW is currently at the dealer's shop but my question is, has anyone else experienced this with their '06 New Beetle. Before the mechanic took a look at it he immediately suggested it was my fault probably from hitting a wire while vacuuming. (I haven't vacuumed in a while haha!) Is there some random, dangling wire? Is this a possible lemon or is this an ongoing problem with New Beetles? My car also was smelling of sulfur-catalytic converter-recently as well. I can't find anything about this problem on the NTSA website.


Q: air filer 2006 vw bug?
How can I change the air filter on my 2006 VW Beetle? I cannot find a manual.

A: You do not need a manual to change an air filter. FInd the air duct that connect to the intake manifold . Follow that duct filter should be at either end. They sometimes put them close to the grill, sometimes close to the manifold

Q: a 2005 VW Beetle or a 2006 Scion tC? Which one should I buy?

A: do not buy a volkswagen!!!!!! i finally got rid of my vw jetta and wound up getting a brand new 2008 scion tc...i love it its perfect. i had so many problems with the vw and actually one of my friends has been in an out of the shop with her 05 bettle the past couple months. toyota makes a good car and they have great maintenance people (everytime you take your vw to the dealer for a problem, they will charge you around $80.00 just to tell you whats wrong with it...even if you already know that part). i had a horrible experience not only with my vw car but everyone i encountered working at vw dealerships....i highly recommend you do not buy one!